Veterinary Consultants

Amy Allen, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM

Dr. Amy Allen is the owner of Animal Internal Medicine, Mobile Endoscopy, which provides mobile endoscopy for cats and dogs in the San Francisco Bay area. We are fortunate to be able to offer Dr. Allen's skills and knowledge to our clients and their pets.

Endoscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic procedure commonly used to evaluate the interior surfaces of your pet's organs through a small tube inserted into his or her body. An endoscopic examination can often accurately diagnose what is causing your pet's vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, abdominal pain or swelling, loss of appetite or respiratory problems.

Although anesthesia is required to keep pets still during the endoscopic procedure, the recovery time is minimal. The benefits of endoscopy over exploratory surgery include no incision, shortened anesthetic time, decreased inflammation, less stress and discomfort, and an earlier return to normal function for your pet. Accurate diagnosis of your pet's symptoms begins with our ability to put together as complete and accurate a picture of what is going on inside your pet's body as possible. For that reason, endoscopy is recommended when routine blood and urine tests, radiographs and ultrasound do not give us the complete diagnostic picture.

Sean Wells, DVM, Diplomate, ACVS

Dr. Sean Wells founded Nor Cal Veterinary Surgical in 2010 to provide mobile specialty surgery for pets in the greater San Francisco area. NCVS serves clients and patients that would not normally have access to specialty/referral services due to financial, logistical, or other reasons by providing specialty services at the patient's local veterinary hospital.

Dr. Wells' surgical interests include orthopedic and oncologic surgery, with a special focus on minimally invasive techniques such as arthroscopy, laparoscopy and thoracoscopy, reconstructive procedures and joint replacement. He also has extensive knowledge on peri-operative analgesia and oncologic staging techniques.

Originally from the mountains northeast of Ojai, California, Dr. Wells earned his Bachelor's degree in Animal Science from California Polytechnic State University and his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Following veterinary school, he completed a general internship at Bay Area Veterinary Specialists, a surgical internship at Veterinary Surgical Associates and a 3-year residency in small animal surgery at Veterinary Surgical Associates. Dr. Wells also received his board certification in surgery from the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Outside work, Dr. Wells enjoys surfing, hockey, snowboarding, and any activity involving the water. At home he enjoys cooking, home brewing and relaxing with his cats.

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